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    Kiwi & Pom were appointed to develop a restaurant concept that would consolidate and refurbish existing restaurants for a garden-focused retailer.  The scope of the project involved a design package including a brand name, identity and environment design. 

    Kiwi & Pom were awarded a Gold Design Effectiveness Award by the DBA in February 2016, for the success of Botanic Kitchen and their further portfolio of work for Wyevale Garden Centres.

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    A key objective of the brief was to optimise operational layout and improve customer flow.  To improve the existing solution, Kiwi & Pom rejected the existing rear service food display in favour of ‘till pods’, which act as efficient ordering and transaction gateways, pulling customers through faster and cutting back on queues.  Front of house gastronomes and heat lamps were eliminated in favour of a back of house kitchen with food delivered to the table.  In turn, this cleared the way for an abundant and welcoming self-service cake display at the entrance.

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    The seating layout was optimised by increasing the number of covers per square foot, without compromising a sense of space.  Through defined seating zones Kiwi & Pom were able to distinguish a family friendly area, with sightlines into a play area, without impinging on the ambience of the restaurant.

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    Kiwi & Pom set a mandate to ‘never be less than one metre away from a plant’ in direct response to the client’s original brief.  This was achieved by positioning plants in considered locations at every opportunity, which included hanging baskets, space dividing screens, floor standing planters and table top pots.

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    The Botanic Kitchen brand identity takes direct inspiration from traditional latticed garden trellis – from the overall marque to the interlocking diamond within the initial letters.  The lattice motif repeats throughout the space within the wall tiles, furniture and wire work, subtly reinforcing the brand.

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    A series of bespoke elements were initiated by Kiwi & Pom, designed to set Botanic Kitchen apart from other garden centre restaurant offerings. Kiwi & Pom designed a modern take on the traditional flower pot, with a stamped Botanic Kitchen logo, together with a bespoke sofa and pendant.

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    Kiwi & Pom recognised the importance of controlling the food photography given that it would be an integral part of the menus and environment.  Creating alluring food imagery was also key – in particular hot food which was previously served in front of the customer, but now prepared back stage.  Dishes were photographed from above, playing on strong geometric shapes and colour, a theme that runs throughout the interior, creating a highly stylised look.

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    Kiwi & Pom handled art direction for all graphical elements, including photography, artwork and a variety of different menus.   An exclusively commissioned botanic illustration was transformed into bespoke upholstery fabric, wallpaper and trays.  Illustrations were extended further into menu and bag design, which reinforced the Botanic Kitchen brand identity.

Botanic Kitchen

The UK’s biggest plant and garden-focused retailer were looking to consolidate and refurbish their existing restaurants, while also delivering a step change to consumer expectations and attracting a wider-ranging demographic.  With a goal of delivering ‘the garden on a plate’ within their Food and Beverage offer, Wyevale Garden Centres appointed Kiwi & Pom to create an entire design package – to include brand name, identity and environment design. 

Kiwi & Pom were proud to be awarded a Gold Design Effectiveness Award in 2016 by the Design Business Association for the success of Botanic Kitchen, within a further portfolio of work for Wyevale that also includes the Coffee Ground cafes.  Gold is awarded to projects that have demonstrated ‘an outstanding example of design effectiveness’.

The first three Botanic Kitchen trial sites have now been completed at Huntingdon, Woodbridge and Shrewsbury. Due to their success, further sites are rolling out through the Wyevale Garden Centre estate.

Kiwi & Pom’s brief encompassed all design aspects, from art direction of food photography to bespoke product and furniture design. Kiwi & Pom suggested adopting a highly-bespoke design solution to stand out among the competition. Graphical elements incorporated an exclusively commissioned botanic illustration, and a bespoke pendant and sofa were developed by a UK furniture manufacturer, based on Kiwi & Pom’s design. A custom-made flower pot complete with drip tray, both incorporating a stamped Botanic Kitchen logo, were also designed by Kiwi & Pom and thrown by hand in the UK.

At the heart of the solution was a desire to create a fresh, light and airy restaurant space that blurred the boundaries between indoor and out. Features such as wirework screens, trellis inspired booths and ‘pergola’ hanging gantries succeeded in bringing a botanic environment to the restaurants; ensuring diners are always nearby to plants, a direct response to the original brief.

Central to the design is the repeated use of motifs that evoke the architectural and design language of conservatories, greenhouses and orangeries. In particular, diamond grid patterns found in garden trellis have been applied to multiple elements such as furniture, graphics and the Botanic Kitchen logo.