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  • L7 Phone, Swissvoice


    Taking inspiration from the set props of old spy movies and science fiction shows, the L7 manages to be both classic and refined while remaining distinctive and fun.

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    Careful consideration went into every detail of the design. Multiple prototypes were made to perfect the form and feel of the phone.

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    The L7 has a distinct and slightly playful form. The design consists of a three-piece phone package - upright handset, minimal charging dock and stylised base station.

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    Kiwi & Pom were also commissioned to design the L7 packaging. Our approach was to compliment the phone with a design that is simple, refined and distinctive.

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    The use of solid colour and the cut out side profile of the phone and base provides a simple colour coded packaging for the different coloured phones.

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    In addition to designing the physical product and packaging, Kiwi & Pom redesigned the screen interface and created a custom screen font, which was clear, precise and simple to read.

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    To add to its character, the phone is being manufactured in colours inspired by the original Western Electric palette.

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    The L7 features a simple, one-button, push-to-talk intercom system that permits handsets and base station to function like walkie-talkies

L7 Phone, Swissvoice

In 2011 Kiwi & Pom began to explore whether the same design consideration afforded to mobile phones could be adopted for the humble home telephone. The L7 is the result, combining highly considered design with personality – to bring a sense of importance back to speaking on the home telephone.

The L7 is a collaboration between Switzerland-based Telecommunication Company Swissvoice, Montreal-based art director Joel Blair and Kiwi & Pom.

The L7 is a response to the current mass of cordless home phones on the market which offer generic designs and unnecessary features for the 'throw-away' consumer electronic market.  Instead, the L7 aims to become a modern design classic with honest intention, useful function and distinct, slightly playful form.

The L7 is anchored on the simplest of telephone functions - speaking and listening, while also including a speaker phone and a simple push-to-talk intercom system. To add to its character, the phone is manufactured in colours inspired by the original Western Electric palette.

It was important for Kiwi & Pom to look at every aspect of the product experience and not just the physical form and aesthetic. Due to the open collaboration, Kiwi & Pom have been able to redesign the screen interface, produced a custom screen font which was clear, precise and simple to read, design the outer packaging and have even influenced the phone ringtones.