Falcon Pop-up
London Design

  • Falcon Pop-up Store


    Kiwi & Pom's inspiration for the design came from the utilitarian nature of Falcon’s cardboard packaging. The use of a single material kept the concept pure

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    The final design played on the language of a traditional London storefront.

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    By designing an interlocking ‘tab and slot’ shelving system and layering two thicknesses of cardboard the shelving was able to support the weight of the entire product range.

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    The entire construction of the Falcon Store was designed to interlock together like a 3D jigsaw puzzle. This made it quick and simple to install.

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    Displaying the expanding range of products was one key objective for the pop-up Falcon Store.

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    The warmth of the cardboard complimented the colourful nature of Falcon enamel.

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    The neutral cardboard finish also allowed the enamelware to really stand out.

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    In keeping with the Falcon packaging the storefront signage was printed directly onto the cardboard panels.

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    The pop-up Falcon Store ran throughout the Design Junction 2013.

Falcon Pop-up Store

Building on the success of our previous pop-up shops for Falcon Enamelware, Kiwi & Pom's main objective was to emphasise Falcon’s growing product range whilst maintaining the brand’s utilitarian heritage and identity.

The inspiration behind using heavy duty card came from Falcon’s utilitarian cardboard packaging. The end result was a modern interpretation of a traditional London storefront constructed entirely out of corrugated cardboard.

The decision to use a single material kept the concept pure and allowed the enamelware to stand out against a neutral backdrop.

Archetypal features such as fluted pilasters were routed into the face of the storefront arch, to top it off a cardboard cash register and bus-stop sign were created to give the storefront a familiar look and feel.

The construction of the cardboard was expressed by exposing the corrugated layers and interlocking ‘tab and slot’ fixings. In keeping with the Falcon packaging the signage, price list and brand messaging were printed directly to the card panels using a direct to media printing process.